In 2019, INSTITUTE OF PROFFESIONAL AND INNOVATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Company ltd (IPID) embarked on an ambitious Reform Initiative that aimed to continually improve the Zanzibar Community as well as Tanzania in general, through evolve the quality of instructional and educational services, and promote its administrative efficiency. As part of that reform initiative, IPID has established as Institute called INSTITUTE OF PROFFESIONAL AND INNOVATIONAL DEVELOPMENT and develop the first 5 years Human resources policy  process covering the years from 2019 to 2024.

Base on the 2019 strategic plan IPID keep in place the need of having strong staff base in fulfilling Institution image , with standard services. Upon implementation of Human Resources Policy, IPID seeks to utilize best approaches in recruitment, induction program   and build strong relation among IPID member of staffs including permanent and part time, students and national and international community. This Human Resources Policy works as abridge and measurement of performance to all IPID staffs.


‘To be the leading center to bring our students into innovative and technological business in Tanzania’’


Provision of an opportunity for the development of our students skills, knowledge and awareness of their roles and responsibilities in the society.


Comprehensive and integrated education to produce holistic personalities equipped with excellent intellectual, physical and emotional attributes towards delivering educated, valuable and skillful human resources for the betterment of the community and country


In our commitment, we believe in the following:

  • Justice

We seek to achieve justice, equal opportunity, and fairness in dealing with everyone.

  • Integrity

We perform sincerely and are committed to morality and professional ethics.

  • Transparency

We commit ourselves to disclosing transactions and procedures and to uphold the principles of accountability and integrity.

  • Quality

We apply the highest standards of quality in all tasks to ensure excellence in products and services.

  • Creativity

We advocate an organizational climate conducive to creative thinking and innovative behavior.

  • Teamwork

We encourage a culture of intellectual and behavioral teamwork.

  • Scientific and Scholarly Freedom

 We promote scientific scholarly exploration, openness, and collegial interaction with others.